Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode Script

- Chapter I -

Chopper Transport

"The time has come
to cleanse the world."

With this single rogue
transmission, fear is instilled
into the hearts of millions of
souls across the planet.

The shadow of the Shinra
begun its ruthless onslaught.

To prevent this unknown
terror from wreaking havoc
across the land,

Reeve Tuesti and his World
Regenesis Organization enlist
the aid of one of the
commissioner's old

a trusted ally whose body
harbors a powerful beast
capable of superhuman

Vincent Valentine.

As Vincent battles the
ever-persistent Deepground,
he soon becomes aware of a
hidden facet of his true

And after putting together all
the lost pieces, Vincent
realizes that the answers to
the questions about his past
lie with his one true love--

Doctor Lucrecia Crescent.

And so Vincent sets off for
Shinra Manor in search of a
truth he may be unable to

All the while,
never fully realizing that
the beginning of the end
is already upon them all.

    Aboard a WRO chopper, Vincent is having a
    telephone conversation with Reeve as the
    helicopter flies past Midgar, headed for

    Reeve: Try to bring back anything
                that we could use to
                better understand this
                Dr. Crescent may have left
                something important
                in Shinra Manor.

    Vincent: She was...researching
                 something back then.

    Vincent ends the conversation and thinks back on
    his time in Shinra Manor, seeing Lucrecia watching
    the glowing Protomateria.

    Vincent: What were you involved

                 What was tormenting you?

    Vincent, to the pilot:

    Vincent: Where are we?

    WRO Pilot: We are currently over the
                     vicinity of Junon, sir.


    As he speaks, the helicopter is suddenly attacked by
    Gargoyles. They swiftly break through the helicopter's
    windshield and kill the pilot. Vincent pulls out
    Cerberus and tries to ward off the monsters.

- Steppe Chopper -

    The door has been torn off by the Gargoyles and
    Vincent fires at them through the hole left behind.
    After he has taken down six of them, the remaining
    Gargoyles close in on the helicopter.

    As the Gargoyles seemingly cease to attack,
    Vincent backs away from what remains of the door.

    However, a Gargoyle suddenly tears through the wall
    and grabs him from behind. Vincent is dragged out of
    the helicopter along with it. While falling through the
    air, Vincent transforms into Galian Beast and defeats
    the remaining enemies.

    The helicopter crashes into the ground, exploding,
    while Vincent touches down safely and reverts back
    into his ordinary form. Stylishly throwing back his
    mantle, he walks off.

    What he does not know is that a figure shrouded
    in shadows is watching him from afar...

    Nero: Vincent Valentine...come,
             show it to me...the darkness
             swelling inside of you...

- Travelling to Junon -

    On his way across the plains, Vincent receives a call from Reeve.

    Reeve: Vincent? ...Vincent, it's me,
                I've managed to establish a
                connection to your phone.

                It appears this area is safe
                for the time being, you should
                find some barrels nearby.
                Take this chance to brush up on
                you aiming. Press the OK key to
                                               ready the Cerberus; do not worry
                                               about running out of ammunition.

    Vincent gives it a try.

    Reeve: Well done, while firing at
                targets you dodge attacks by
                double tapping left or right.

                Good to see the crash hasn't
                affected your aim, Time to head

    Further down the road.

    Reeve: There is a suitcase just ahead,
                it must have fallen from the
                chopper. Attempt to retrieve it,
                but keep an eye out for Deepground.
                Enemies will appear on the threat
                ring as yellow marks.

                Vincent retrieves the suitcase.

    Reeve: Vincent, you've obtained a
                potion, potions recover lost HP.
                Search for other useful items
                in this area.

    Fighting Guard Hounds, Vincent searches the area.
    He comes across ammunition for both the Griffon and the Hydra.

    Reeve: The griffon is most effective
                at close range. Try to find
                more ammunition in this area.
                The Hydra is a powerful firearm
                but has limited ammunition.

                It is of the utmost importance
                that you reach Junon as soon as

    Vincent traverses a cavern.
    Upon exiting the cavern...

    Reeve: You've made it to the
                outskirts of Junon, you
                should reach the city soon.
                Stay alert and watch for
                any signs of danger.

                Vincent is attacked by two Guard Hounds.

    Reeve: There is a another suitcase
                just ahead, you should pick
                it up.

                Within it is a special accessory
                known as the "Choco Feather",
                which increases your speed.
                Accessories will boost your
                attributes automatically.
                It is not necessary to use
                them. Check your inventory
                to view the accessories you
                have collected.

    As more and more Guard Hounds attack Vincent,
    Reeve informs him about the following:

    Reeve: Although it is not far
                to Junon, the journey
                will not be an easy one.
                There is a beast point up
                ahead, step onto it to
                change into Galian Beast.

    Vincent finds the point and transforms into Galian Beast,
    and proceeds to defeat the Guard Hounds. Afterwards,
    back in his ordinary form, he discovers a card key and
    a ladder. He climbs the ladder and encounters a
    Crimson Hound guarding a barricaded tunnel.
    Vincent defeats it and walks towards the entrance.

    Reeve: That door must lead to
                Junon, opening it will
                require a card key.

        Vincent uses the card key and enters.
    Once outside, Vincent contacts Reeve again.

    Vincent: Reeve, I need new
                 transport to Shinra

    Reeve: I can arrange for another
                chopper in Costa del Sol.

    Vincent: Then I have to make it
                 across the ocean first.

    Reeve: There should be ships
               departing from Junon.

    Vincent: Junon... I'll have to hurry.

    Vincent continues walking towards Junon.

- Chapter II -

- Entering Junon -

    Arriving in Junon, Vincent says to himself:

    Vincent: So this is where it all

    He is greeted by people running around in fear.
    As they pass by Vincent, they shout:

    Townspeople: Monster!

                        Whatís going on?


    Reeve: This was the site of a mass
                disappearance. In a single
                night, 1200 people
                disappeared without a trace.
                Junon has become a ghost
                town; those left behind
                living in sorrow.

    Vincent makes his way through the town, fighting
    Deepground Soldiers in search of another card key
    to unlock the barrier blocking the way to upper
    Junon with. After obtaining the card key and
    unlocking the gate, Reeve gives him further

    Reeve: The next door is powered
                by three generators. You
                will need to locate them
                and cut the power supply
                to the door.

    While searching for the generators, Vincent finds a
    card key and ammunition for Cerberus.

    After he has managed to destroy the first generator,
    more Deepground soldiers appear.

    The second generator is protected by a barrier.
    Using the card key he just found to reach it,
    he destroys the second generator as well.
                                   Reeve calls.

    Reeve: The last generator is
                protected by a strong case.
                You will have to transform
                into Galian Beast to
                destroy it.

    Vincent does as he says and the gate opens.
    However, to pass through he has to defeat
    a stream of Deepground soldiers.

- Chapter III -

- Elevator Action -

    Vincent proceeds through the gate and enters the
    elevator shaft. He steps onto the platform and
    activates the elevator. However, it stops at the
    first landing and he is attacked by Deepground
    soldiers. He defeats them, searches the area,
    and then resumes his ascension after reactivating
    the elevator.

    It stops again at the second landing and more
    Deepground soldiers appear. Using a turret,
    Vincent defeats the enemy.

    Upon reaching the third landing, an explosion
    occurs and cuts off the path. Vincent has to
    change into Galian Beast to fight off more
    Deepground soldiers and then presses on.

- The Streets of Junon -

    Out on the streets of Junon, a Dragonfly flies past.

    Vincent: What? Deepground.

    A second Dragonfly arrives and Deepground soldiers
    descend from both of them. They begin attacking
    and rounding up the townspeople. Two of civilians
    are immediately surrounded.

    Civilian 1: No, no...

    The rear hatch of one of the Dragonflies opens and
    Rosso steps out.

    Civilian 2: Who...who are you?

    Rosso: Rosso...but you
               darling, may call
               Rosso, the Crimson.

    Rosso readies her weapon and cuts down
    the civilians, too fast for the eye to follow.

    Rosso: The tainted will be
               hunted down and
               exterminated. The time
               has come to cleanse
               this world.

    The Dragonfly she arrived in lifts off as she
    watches the two groups of Deepground soldiers

- Chapter IV -

- Lower Junon -

    Vincent makes his way through the lower level
    of Junon. A small boy runs up to him.

    Boy: Are you the monster?
           That took everyone away?

    Vincent: The disappearances?

    Boy: I saw everything!
           That night, the stars,
           they all went out; and
           then I saw it...the shadow.
           The claws...those...claws.

    The boy runs off.

    Vincent proceeds through Junon, running past abandoned
    market stalls. Eventually, he comes across a woman
    in distress, cornered by a Deepground soldier.

    Woman: P-Please donít shoot!

    Deepground soldier: Prepare to die.

    Vincent shoots the enemy.

    Woman: Thank you so much!

    She runs off.

    Vincent continues on his way, fighting both
    snipers aiming at him from the buildings and
    ordinary soldiers. He is then attacked by a
    Dragonfly, but with the help of a turret he
    eventually manages to drive off.
    Afterwards, he passes through a gate to the
    next section of the city.

    Vincent proceeds through the city, fighting more
    Deepground soldiers as he runs through the streets.
    He eventually discovers a ladder, which leads him
    to a lower area of Junon. However, he is then once
    again forced to fight the Dragonfly using a turret.
    This time, the Dragonfly attacks him not only using
    its standard machine guns but with missiles as well.
    The Dragonfly is once again driven away and Vincent
    finds yet another ladder to an even lower part of
    Junon. He is attacked by more Deepground soldiers,
    and, after defeating them, he finds a passage to
    another area.

    Vincent makes his way through another part of Junon,
    crawling with Deepground soldiers. After a while,
    he comes across another woman threatened by a
    Deepground soldier.

    Woman: Please! I have a family!

    Deepground soldier: They will soon join you.

    As the Deepground soldier aims at the civilian, he is shot by Vincent.

    Woman: Thank you!

    The woman hurries off.

    Vincent continues on. As he closes in on an open
    warehouse door, barriers suddenly appear,
    surrounding him, and he is forced to battle numerous
    Deepground soldiers. After changing into Galian Beast
    and defeating them all, the barriers disappear and
    Vincent is finally able to proceed through the

- Chapter V -

- Junon Warehouse -

    Boy: Aah!! Help me!

    Inside of the warehouse basement, Vincent witnesses
    the young boy from before screaming for help as a
    Crimson Hound drags him with it through a gateway
    that is blocked off by a barrier after they pass
    through. While searching for a card key, Vincent
    encounters Deepground soldiers and eventually finds
    both the card key and more ammunition. Still
    fighting the Deepground soldiers, Vincent heads
    back to the gateway and unlocks the barrier.
                                   He then hurries after the Crimson Hound.

    On the first floor of the warehouse, the Crimson
    Hound rushes by, still dragging the screaming boy
    along with it.

    Boy: Help me!

    The Crimson Hound disappears through another
    barricaded gate. While Vincent searches for
    the card key, he finds a Hi-Potion and is then
    suddenly ambushed by more Deepground soldiers.
    He defeats them, finds the card key, deactivates
    the barrier and then swiftly hurries after the
    Crimson Hound to the second floor.

    The Crimson Hound's tail can be seen disappearing
    through yet another barricaded gate. Vincent
    searches a corridor for a card key. He manages to
    find one but is then attacked by Deepground soldiers.
    With the help of some explosive barrels, Vincent
    defeats them and heads back to the barricaded gate,
    deactivates it, and enters.

    Vincent searches the third floor and finds a room that
    is filled with boxes, but otherwise empty aside from
    a ladder, which Vincent climbs. Upon doing so, he
    spots the Crimson Hound, running through a doorway.
    When he tries to follow it, a Dragonfly appears and
    Vincent finally defeats it with the help of a turret.
    The Dragonfly explodes and crashes into the sea.

    Vincent hurries through the door.

    Boy: Help, save me!

    The Crimson Hound attacks Vincent and is defeated.
    The boy runs up to Vincent.

    Boy: Thanks Mister, at first
    I thought you were the
    monster who took everyone
    away. Sorry.

    The boy hurries off.

- Enter Rosso -

    Rosso descends a stairway leading down from the roof.

    Rosso: So, we meet again darling...
               and just as I was getting
               tired of toying with...
               these insects. I needed a
               little more excitement in
               my day. Iíll make you pay
               for what you did to me
               last time.

    With a smile, Rosso heads back up the stairs and Vincent follows.

    Vincent reaches the top of the staircase and sees Rosso
    standing on a container.

    Rosso: Do you think you can
               defeat my guards?

    Taking cover behind various objects and obstacles,
    Vincent manages to defeat all of Rosso's guards.

    Rosso quickly moves up to Vincent and punches him,
    causing him to fall over the edge of the warehouse.
    She walks towards Vincent, who has managed to grab
    on to the edge with one hand. As she leans over him,
    Vincent makes a somersault and lands on a rooftop
    further away.
    He then fires at several barrels behind her,
    causing them to explode. Escaping Rosso, as well
    as the flames, he jumps down and runs through a

    The smoke clears and Rosso can be seen, laughing.

    Rosso: You are just to much
               fun, my darling Vincent.

    Vincent calls Reeve.

    Vincent: I took care of

    Reeve: Thank goodness, will you
                reach the ship in time?

    Vincent: Yeah, I'm heading for
                 the docks now.

    He hurries through Junon in the direction of the docks,
    but is forced to dodge as Rosso throws her blade at him.
    Looking up, he sees Rosso standing on a barrel, smiling.

    Rosso: Where are you going?
               We've only just started
               playing. I must simply
               be the kill you.

- Chapter VI -

- The Docks of Junon -

    Vincent fires at Rosso, who leaps out of sight.

    Announcement: The ship will leave
                           in 80 seconds.

    Vincent: I have to make it there...

    He runs through an area strewn with boxes and containers
    while fighting off Deepground soldiers and Shrikes who
    try to impede his progress by setting up barriers. He finally
    manages to defeat the last of the Shrikes and the last
    barrier disappears. Vincent continues on through a corridor.

    Exiting the corridor, Vincent sees that the ship has
    already cast off.

    Vincent: I still have about 270
                 seconds until I will
                 have no chance of
                 catching the ship.

    Vincent rushes off along the dock, fighting more
    Deepground soldiers. He eventually encounters
    Rosso again.

    Rosso: Maybe you can catch
               the next ship, darling.

    He fights her and manages to force her to retreat with
    a laugh. Vincent continues on, defeats more
    Deepground soldiers as well as Gargoyles and soon finds
    Rosso blocking his path once more.

    Rosso: It's been fun darling,
               but now you die.

    He drives her back.

    Rosso: You're running out
               of time running,

    Vincent hurries on and finally manages to reach
    the end of the dock.

- The Ship -

    Vincent dashes and leaps into the air after the ship
    as it moves further and further away from the dock.
    Safely onboard, he turns to see Rosso chasing after him.
    She suddenly stops and takes out her phone, hesitating

    Rosso: Orders are Orders.
               Such a Pity.

    She clutches the phone tightly.

    Nero watches the scene unfold from high above the dock.

    Nero: More... I must have
             I want to feel your
             Darkness deep inside

    He vanishes into his own shadows.

    Passengers walk about on the ship's deck and Vincent descends
    below using a set of stairs. Looking around the interior,
    he passes by a room in a hallway from which music can be heard.
    Stepping inside, he recognizes the song.

    Vincent: This music...

- A Memory Unforgotten - Part I -

    Everything fades to white and he recalls a scene from long ago,
    during his time as a Turk in Shinra Manor.

    Lucrecia: Vincent.

    Vincent: Yes?

    Lucrecia: Dance with me.

    She turns on the radio.
    Vincent is taken off-guard by her sudden question
    and backs away, replying:

    Vincent: W-What, no...
                 no I can't dance.

    Even so, Lucrecia takes his hand and guides him
    while beginning to dance.

    Lucrecia: So you don't like me.

    Vincent: No, no that's not
                 what I...

    He is interrupted by the beautiful scientist.

    Lucrecia: Then dance with me.

    The dance goes on and Lucrecia says:

    Lucrecia: See, it isn't that
                  bad, is it?

    The memory fades and Vincent is abruptly brought back to the
    present when the ship is attacked and Sahagins enter the room.
    The passengers scream in fear.

    Passengers: Help!


- Chapter VII -

- Ship under Attack -

    Vincent defeats the two Sahagins that entered the room and
    then runs out to see what he can do about the situation.

    Sailor: The ship is being
              invaded and is
              currently sinking.
              The life rafts have
              jammed, and the security
                                             barriers are active;
                                             please help the
                                             passengers escape.

    Vincent encounters both Sahagins and Gargoyles as he
    searches the area in order to deactivate the barriers and
    unlock the life rafts filled with passengers. He manages
    to deactivate a barrier and free two life rafts and is
    then forced to use a turret to defeat numerous Gargoyles.
    Eventually, he gets the chance to deactivate the last
    barrier and the last raft is set free. However,
    as it descends a woman jumps back onboard.

    Woman: My research!

    She runs off in the opposite direction of the raft
    and Vincent dashes after.

    Vincent: Wait, get back on the
                 It's dangerous!

    Inside the ship, Vincent finally manages to catch
    up to the woman.

    Vincent: You can't go back.

    Woman: But my luggage?

    Vincent: Leave it.

    Woman: No... I can't, all of
                 my research will go
                 to waste.

    Vincent: Research?

    Another memory surfaces...

- A Memory Unforgotten - Part II -

    Vincent and Lucrecia are still dancing in Shinra Manor.
    He replies to her question:

    Vincent: Yeah, this isnít...
                 too bad.

    He then notices the Protomateria, which is lying on
    a desk next to them.

    Vincent: Huh... isn't that?

    Lucrecia: That's your...oh
                  never mind.

    Vincent: Is it important?

    Lucrecia: Yes, very important.

    Back in the present, Vincent asks the woman:

    Vincent: Is it important?

    Woman: Yes, very important.

    Vincent: Alright, but I'm
                 coming too.

- Looking for the Research -

    Vincent: Stay close.

    Relieved, the woman follows him into the lower
    part of the ship. They encounter Sahagins
    and Vincent protects the woman.
    As they reach the lowest level, the woman
    finds her luggage.

    Woman: I found it.

    Vincent: Come on, we have
                 to get out of here.

    They run through the corridors of the sinking ship,
    which has begun taking on water, encountering more
    Sahagins along the way. Vincent is forced to fight
    them off by transforming into Galian Beast.

    Back on the deck.

    Woman: Thank you so much.
                 My research is safe.
                 It means everything to

    As she turns to leave, she thanks Vincent once more.

    Woman: Thank you.

    The woman leaves and Vincent is once again caught up in his
    old memories.

- A Memory Unforgotten - Part III -

    While dancing, Lucrecia says to Vincent:

    Lucrecia: SometimesÖ I get so
                  involved with my research
                  that I lose myself.

                  When ever that happens
                  though, always
                  come to my rescue...
                  thank you Vincent.

    Vincent: What?

    Lucrecia: Nothing... I just
                  wanted to thank you.

    The memory fades away as Vincent leans across the railing,
    watching the raft carrying the woman float away to safety.

    Vincent thinks back on what happened so many years ago.

    Vincent: Her research... wasn't
                 it the Jenova project?

                 She... was in... pain.


                 Is it important?

    He recalls the woman he just met, saying:

    Woman: Yes, very important.

    Vincent: "Yes, very important."
                 It was the same thing
                 Lucrecia had said.

- Enter Nero -

    Caught up in his own thoughts, Vincent does not notice
    that Nero, once again, is watching him from high above.

    Nero: I want more...
             I want to know

             Perhaps this will
                                            prove effective.

    Nero releases a sphere of darkness and sends it off
    towards Vincent.

    Nero: Darkness lies stagnate
             in the depths of your
             soul. I shall assist
             you in releasing that
             terrible dark energy.

    Vincent realizes the danger and turns around, firing at
    the darkness, though this proves futile.
    A Black Widow steps out of the darkness, which then
    fades away. The Black Widow attacks with its beam
    cannon and Vincent, who has no choice but to dodge
    out of the way, rapidly fires at the enemy while
    somersaulting high into the air.

- Battle against the Black Widow -

    Vincent continues firing at the Black Widow, making it jump to
    another area of the deck. Vincent follows and comes across a
    set of switches. After activating them, several platforms
    with barrels rise. Vincent detonates them as the Black Widow
    nears them, eventually forcing it to retreat to the
    observation deck. Vincent chases after it.

    However, as Vincent takes aim at the Black Widow, it suddenly
    leaps over Vincent's head and unleashes its Beam Cannon.
    Vincent is gravely wounded and is knocked against a wall.
    As he leans against the wall, the Protomateria embedded in
    his chest can be clearly seen and he recalls another scene
    from the past of Lucrecia holding the mysterious Materia.

    Vincent: Were you in pain?

                 Back then...
                 I couldn't...

                 I have to make it

    Vincent forces himself to fight on.

    Vincent: To find out about

    Back on the main deck, Vincent is finally able to bring
    down the Black Widow, using both Cerberus and transforming
    into Galian Beast. The Black Widow falls over the edge of
    the ship and Vincent watches it as it sinks.
    However, he is running out of time as the ship capsizes,
    taking Vincent down with it along with crates and
    other debris that floats around him. Resigned, he thinks:

    Vincent: Not much longer now.

                 I'm... sorry, I...
                 can't take it anymore.


    A bubble suddenly floats up near his face and an image
    of Lucrecia kneeling in dispair on the laboratory floor appears.

    Lucrecia: Live.
                  Live... Vincent.

- Cait Sith in Your Face -

    Vincent, surrounded by water and the wreckage of
    the ship, is slowly starting to rise out of the sea.
    A submarine is soon fully visible and, as the hatch
    opens, Vincent spots a familiar face.
    Cait Sith waves at him.

    Cait Sith No.3: Vincent, ya nae
                         look'in good ged.
                         I knew something
                         was up. Glad I
                         dropped in to see

    Vincent: Cait Sith... hmf

    Cait Sith No.3: Well done laddy,
                         No.3 ready and at
                         yer service.

    As Vincent and Cait Sith walk to the front of the
    railing of the submarine, Cait says:

    Cait Sith No.3: I didn't feel right
                         bout things.

                         So I followed
                         and came to help.

    Vincent: Yeah, thanks.

    Cait Sith No.3: Donna mention it,
                         anyway I still feel
                         something's not right.

    From far away, a dark shadow is still watching Vincent.
    Nero becomes visible, saying to himself:

    Nero: At last. I have
             borne witness to
             the darkness inside

    On the submarine, Cais Sith continues:

    Cait Sith No.3: Something got to
                         be afoot, an round
                         here too.

    Nero, still floating in the air:

    Nero: Just as strong
             as I thought.
             Your darkness...
             that stagnate life;
             you are more like
             us than you know.
             But it seems I have
             other matters, which
             need attending.

             An intruder in my
             most precious...
             precious place.

             All who come close
             to him will be

             Vincent Valentine,
             we shall meet soon

    Nero disappears into his own darkness.

    Vincent continues his conversation with Cait Sith:

    Vincent: Shinra Manor.

                 Everything, everything
                 started there.

                 All of my sins...
                 call that place home.

                 I might find something
                 out about her...
                 her research.


    More memories surfaces; images of Lucrecia,
    Hojo, himself in a test tube, the Protomateria,
    Lucrecia sealed in her crystal in the cavern,
    and finally the entrance to Shinra Manor.

    Vincent: I'm going back,

                 To the place you
                 were, to Shinra Manor.

    Vincent and Cait Sith descend into the
    submarine, and, escorted by two helicopters,
    it continues its journey towards Costa del Sol.